Production Services

Television & Multimedia

With 100’s of hours of unscripted, scripted, live & events, Tenacity Entertainment manages all stages of television & multimedia production including development, creative, and pre-production through post-production & distribution. From small single-camera shoots to major multi-camera and mixed media coverage, we bring ideas to screen.

Feature Films

Tenacity Pictures, the film division of Tenacity Entertainment, Executive Produces feature films and shorts needing world-wide distribution. Tenacity works with leading producers, financial institutions, legal advisors, writers and creatives finding stories that resonate with a global audience; we get projects done.


Tenacity Pictures and Monkey Rock Entertainment are Tenacity’s documentary division. Tenacity has Executive Produced some of the most iconic and diverse slate of award-winnign docs, including the Charles Manson documentary, “The Six Degrees of Helter Skelter” to the tearful and inspiring film about the lives of blind teenagers “Do You Dream in Color”.

Live Events

Tenacity produces live to air global programming, which includes sports, music and specialty events. Whether the audience is direct on social media (such as Facebook Live, Youtube Live, and Twitter Periscope), OTT, network, cable, and/or live stream, Tenacity has your back by producing engaging, captivating and digestible content.

Areas of expertise.


01 Tenacity Entertainment manages all aspects of production, from development, creative, budgeting, pre-production, legal/business affairs, through post-production and distribution.

02 We produce everything from small single-camera shoots to major network events with dozens of camera crews, short and feature films to award-winning documentaries.

03 Our production experience includes 4K & 8K, 35mm & 16mm film, HD, 3D, and a variety of other media formats.

04 Our production team is filled with “Preditors” (Producer / Editors) that create and shape stories from beginning to end.


Tenacity launches TV channels for linear global networks, VOD, & OTT. We produce, acquire, & reshape shows / films for a variety of programming needs airing on TV channels world-wide.

Represented by A3 (Abrams Artists Agency) Tenacity builds and engages audiences in partnership with major US studios, TV channels and social media and digital platforms.

Business & Legal Affairs*

01 Tenacity helps its Film and TV partners with all aspects of their project from inception to distribution.

02 We serve in the role of business & legal affairs for our Film and TV partners.

03 Tenacity supports you from your business formation to producing or reviewing investor documents & managing investor relations.

04 From production evaluation through the distribution deal, we assist you with proper staffing, talent & casting, writing, directing, & editing.

* Note: Tenacity does not provide legal services; the services of legal, business and investor relations are only provided to projects whereby Tenacity is a partner. All legal is done by a licensed attorney.

Branded Entertainment

01 We work directly with national and international brands who are seeking to seamlessly integrate themselves into popular culture through film & television.

02 Working closely with producers, writers, directors, & actors, Tenacity seamlessly harmonizes your brand voice & experience with the entertainment medium.

03 We ensure the brand integration is best suited for the storyline by maintaining the creative integrity of the filmmaker/content producer.

04 Tenacity creates engagements whereby pertinent and compelling brand messaging informs, updates and improves your audience’s experience.

Story Creation

It all starts with telling the story - right! Tenacity takes storytelling to new dimensions in film, television, and digital media, partnering with award winning tenacious writers and creators.

We work directly with you to craft your story and bring the collective vision of your production to the screen.

Optioning Scripts*

01 Tenacity actively looks for scripts, books and stories with the intention to option or purchase them and making them into Films for the big and small screen.

02 The process starts by submitting our script submission form and returning it to us. We review & respond within 14 days of script submission.

* Note: Tenacity does not seek or accept unsolicited scripts. All scripts must come from a recognized agency and or manager.