“Sex Sound and Silence” gets distribution on Amazon

Tenacity Entertainment teams up with Director Ari Davis again and produces the feature film Sex Sound Silence. Ari Davis and Lloyd Bryan Molander Executive producer of “The Outside” have teamed up again to produce this gritty coming of age story about a female DJ from a small town that leaves to the city to make her mark on the scene, only to get caught up in the darkness of the Sex, the Sounds and the deafening Silence of her attempt to get to the top.

The film has won best picture win at IndieFEST and multiple other nominations.

Sex.Sound.Silence is a raw, gritty drama about Lexi Sandoval, a young, ambitious DJ. When Lexi moves to San Diego to pursue her dreams, she finds the industry’s doors tough to open. With the help of Sam, her childhood friend, Lexi gets the attention of Jake, a big-shot manager who promises to make her a star.

With Jake’s guidance, Lexi gets swept in to a dark, dirty world. As her fame grows, Lexi grows distant from Sam, and spirals in to a whirlwind of sex, drugs and money. Can she catch herself before hitting rock-bottom? Will she find the strength to break free of Jake’s destructive hold?