“Remember Us” Wins Emmy – Best Documentary

Remember Us: The Hungarian Hidden Children shares the untold stories of Jewish Children that survived the Holocaust by hiding and avoiding the concentration camps, where millions of Jews lost their lives. During the Holocaust only 11% of European Jewish Children survived that terrible period in history. In this compelling documentary, the viewer hears the stories directly from these survivors, who tell of their fears and the lies that they had to deal with during that period in time. As children, they had to assume new identities, forget their religion, and in some cases, their families. The movie also touches on how anti-Semitism still exists throughout the world.

“It is a powerful story and one I was proud to producer” said Lloyd Bryan Molander an Executive Producer of the film “The Emmy is a wonderful tribute to these brave survivors and their families”. The film obtained broad distribution via Adler & Associates Entertainment and was produced in association with Tenacity Entertainment, LLC.